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The Age replica provides students and staff with access to The Age newspaper replica of the printed newspaper, online while on campus at Marymede Catholic College. The archive commences in January 2017 through to the latest daily edition. If you use this link from home it will take you to The Age's public web site.

The Age replica newspaper


Issues In Society

Issues in Society provide select a range of topical issues which are currently under discussion in society and provide an overview, background information and research on these issues. They are a great resource for studying issues in the media, debating and ethical issues which arise in many subject areas. The latest Issues in Society books are added as they become available. These are password protected, please see signs in Resource Centre or contact Resource Centre staff.Print copies are available for loan from the Resource Centre, search the catalogue for availability.

* Some titles may be useful background reading for VCE English but check criteria for studies which require your sources to be from Australian media within the last 6 months.


Your work must be correctly referenced to demonstrate that you have completed sufficient detailed research using authoratative sources and attributing facts and ideas you have gathered to their original authors. If you have used electronic resources such as databases, many of these have a link or icon to "cite" the work. Microsoft Word has a "References" tab which allows you to add sources. There are also web sites which will "autocite" resources. Ensure that you choose the APA style of citations requested by your teacher and check that any auto citing site have detected all the relevant bibliographic details. You may need to enter some of these manually. Take the time to cite each source as you use it and learn how to use referencing tools; this will save time throughout your studies. Further information is available on pages 16-17  of the School Diary.


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